At The London Education Company we do not just provide entrance exam tutoring for Oxbridge candidates. We know that if other students are required to do entrance exams and it can be quite a daunting process. So whether you are applying to study Medicine, Law, Dentistry or any other subject requiring you to do an entrance exam, we at The London Education Company can ensure you have the right tutor to walk you through the steps to ensure you get the mark you deserve.

Our entrance exam tutors have years of experience guiding students through the entrance exams and one of the requirements to make the team is that the tutor themselves must have achieved an outstanding mark in the test on first attempt. If you have the correct entrance exam tutor then the entrance exams are not as difficult as it seems. The exam is mostly about technique preparation, so drop The London Education a call so that are tutors can help you refine your exam technique.

If you want to study Law at university, the LNAT may be a prerequisite and for those who have not come across it before, it can seem like a very daunting exam. Our LNAT tutors prepare students not just for the exam, but also try and instil in them the right skills to succeed in a career within the industry later on. All our tutors tailor the LNAT tuition sessions to match the requirements of learning style of the students which empowers them and gives them the right stead to succeed in the exam.
We find that developing the students’ skills to match the requirements of the industry is the secret recipe to succeeding in the LNAT exams. The LNAT is a two part test that aims to test the candidate’s aptitude to study the course rather than their knowledge on Law itself; the first part is a series of multiple choice questions whilst the second part requires you to write an essay. Our Law tutors aim to help you pick out key information, write sound arguments and give you the preparation and technique tailored for you to achieve a great score.

The BMAT exam is a difficult exam with many components to really test the student and without the right direction and help, it is easy to get lost. Our BMAT tutors have to meet our very stringent entry requirements before they can represent The London Education Company and one of the requirements is that they must have got a high course in the exam themselves first time round. Therefore, they understand very well which aspects can be challenging and they also understand, very well, which sections will picked out by universities if students are invited for an interview. All of these make our BMAT tutors one of the best and we are very proud of them.

Our BMAT tutors ensure that they tailor their lessons to match your schedule and learning style. It can be difficult juggling preparation along with school and at The London Education Company we understand that. That is why we ensure that our BMAT tuition sessions are personalised so that our BMAT tutors can work with you on an individual level, it may be you need extra direction with the essay component alone or maybe you want to revision session of the whole exam, whatever your requirement, our BMAT tutors are there to help.. Their aim is simple: to not just improve your BMAT score, but give you the mentoring to allow you to be prepared if you were to be interviewed and help you gain the skills required to succeed as a medical student.

It is hard to revise for the UKCAT, the art of getting really good at it is through practice, practice and more practice. However you can only start practicing when you understand how the UKCAT questions work and what is expected from you. This is where The London Education Team’s UKCAT tutors come in. They will help you grasp the fundamentals on what is expected from each of the sections and go through any areas which might be a little more difficult. Through the expert guidance and understanding the technique required with the help of our UKCAT tuition lessons, we are confident you will get the mark you deserve. It is hard to teach students cognitive understanding which is what the UKCAT tests, but it having an experienced hand helping you through the questions you really do not understand is what is invaluable, and that is exactly what The London Education Company provides.

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